10 May 2011

The Truth About God's Forgiveness

I am currently signed up to a monthly newsletter called 'Investigating Faith' by Christian Apologetic, Lee Strobel, author of the book 'The Case For Faith'.

Scrolling through some old emails I had neglected to read, I came across a video he had made about God's forgiveness.

The most common misunderstanding of God's grace that I have come across is that God can't love us if we've sinned, and that we can't go to heaven.

This is completely untrue. The bible teaches us that God is merciful (Deuteronomy 4.31), and that it was whilst we were still living lives of sin (Romans 5.8), He sent His son to die for us.

The truth is, we could never 'pay God back' for all the sins that we've committed against Him no matter how 'good' we were, it just wouldn't be good enough (Isaiah 64.6, Romans 6.23).

God gave us what that verse in Romans (above) calls the 'gift' of eternal life in Christ Jesus. Grace. For those of you who have no idea what I just said; God sent His sinless son Jesus, to swap places with us. He took all our sin and called it His own, so that instead of us facing eternal separation from God, we got His blessing; eternity with God (John 3.16).

Jesus paid the price, because no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't.

Here's the video:

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