29 May 2012

Five To Be Thankful For

  1. My family - As with all families, we aren't always spectacularly kind or patient with one another, but we love each other and are extremely close.
  2. My job - The fact that I was done with uni for only two weeks and then straight into full time work is something of a miracle, that definitely is not the case for most people.
  3. My health - A cold here or there, an ugly insect bite on my leg; these aren't big things, so grateful God for keeping me in good health
  4. My friends - I have amazing ones. They all know who they are, but it has been a blessing to know them, and I have learnt so much and grown so much with them, I'm praying I continue to do so.
  5. My housing arrangement - I'm not living in my own place right now but I am living rent free, which in the  current economical environment, unless you are living with your parents, is extremely unusual. Super grateful to God.
And a song, because I am currently listening to it on ibethel and LOVE it! (I have however already posted this song on the blog so apologies for repeating!)

"Oh give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; tell of His great works to the ends of the earth!"
-1 Chronicles 16.8 (Paraphrase)

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