25 June 2012

Agape: A Poem

He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds;
To those who are hurting, He says 'Come and know relief'
To those who have been betrayed, He says, 'I too have been betrayed, but I'll never turn my back on you'
To those who have never known love, He says 'Get to know me, I loved you so much that I gave myself for you'.
To those who have never had a home, He says 'My father's house has many rooms'
To those who have only known death, He says 'Come and know me, I am the way to the eternal life'
To those who have no hope, He says 'I am hope, and I have good plans for you'
To those who can't forgive themselves, He says 'I forgive you'
To those who have sinned, He says 'I took your sin, have my righteousness'
To those who are lost, He says 'I am the way'
To those who are orphans, He says 'I am your father'
To those who are lonely, He says 'I'll never leave you or forsake you'
To those who are disillusioned, He says 'There's more than this, come back to me and know real life'
To those who are sad, He says 'Let me turn your tears into ones of joy'
To those who are unfulfilled, He says 'Let me give you purpose'
To those who have only ever known neglect, He shows affection.

He came for us because we were broken and needed Him. He came to show us love, to heal us, to encourage us, to save us.

We laughed at Him. We belittled Him because His ways weren't our ways. What kind of person sends a baby to save the world?

And yet when the nails pierced His hands as He bled to death on the cross for OUR sins, He did not curse us in His anguish, or pray that God strike us, He asked God to forgive us.


"Agape" - unconditional, wide-open love, as demonstrated in Jesus. Love that is fiercely passionate without being erotic, love that endures, love that sacrifices - Jesus

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