9 January 2013

The Abundant Life

"Kristus har befriat oss för att vi ska leva i frihet. Stå för det! Låt ingen förslava er igen."

Galaterbrevet 5.1/ Galatians 5.1 (MSG)

Something has been weighing on my mind a lot quite recently to the point where it's been dominating my thinking, distracting me and worrying me. The root of it is the fact that I just don't seem to trust God with it, I've been enslaving myself to worrying about something that is out of my control when God has fully assured me He has my back in ALL things.

You ever done the same?

John 8.36 says that 'He who the son sets free is free INDEED." Jesus died for a lot of reasons, most importantly to make a way for us to have a relationship with the father, but He also died so we wouldn't have to live as the bible puts it 'in the way of the flesh'; struggling and failing daily as we try to do things in our own strength, but we could live in the way of the Spirit; knowing God is our strength and support.

Have you, like me, been living in your own strength, going back to the way of the flesh when God has empowered you for supernatural living?

If it's worry you're dealing with...tell Jesus about it and let yourself relax in the knowledge that He has it under control and knows what He's doing.

If it's something else...see what God has to say about it...but don't just return to the stressful earthly way of living. God wants us to live a better life, an abundant life, full of Him, full of hope, miracles and excitement, not to be sat at home rocking back and forth worrying about things that in reality we have no control over.

Trust Him and walk in the freedom He called you to, remember that He who the son sets free is free INDEED.

God bless x

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  1. Sofia Rosenqvist10:21

    Amen! Super important verses to remember and practice daily.. Good writing! (Both you and God) ;)