18 April 2013

Surrender, Survive, Succeed

Hey all,

It's been a while since I last wrote...sorry! I was crazy busy over Easter and then have been catching up with some people along with trying to sort my life out (which is always good), but I am alive and life is good.

Last month I purchased 'Minutbibeln' a kind of bible-in-a-year thing that is a little less intense. It essentially takes you through the most important people, events and verses in the bible in tiny micro sections, with each day's offering taking only a minute to read. (Buy it, it is a pretty awesome read!)

Anyway...the micro section I read today was about Joseph (Read Genesis) and his success, and was followed by this verse in Proverbs;

'Leave all you do in God's hands, and then all your plans will succeed.' Proverbs 16.3

After reading Joseph's story again I was struck by the fact that he was thrown in a well, sold as a slave and yet succeeded.

God wants us to survive and succeed, but in order to do so we must first lay it all in His hands. This means surrender; the giving of yourself and your will to Jesus. When you lay something down, you rest it there, you don't keep touching it or moving it, you let it be where you left it.

If you aren't surviving and succeeding in something, maybe it's because you haven't surrendered it.

I feel there are two different questions we need to ask ourselves;

Do I need to surrender?

Or rather,

Is there anything I'm holding back?

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