12 August 2013

Missio Dei - The Mission of God

One of the things I love most about God is His love of working with the small things. He could have sent Jesus to the earth riding on a unicorn with a thousand trumpets declaring His arrival, but instead He sent Him to be born the son of a nobody carpenter in a nothing town, and out of that simple nothing town came, the Messiah, the Saviour of mankind, God in human form and millions and millions of believers.

And He isn't done yet, there are still so many who don't know what a glorious thing God did for them in dying on the cross, so God wants us to continue spreading the good news of free, unearned, wonderful salvation. At the end of Matthew 10 Jesus says 'You have a great amount of work to do, but don't let it stop you. Begin with the small things. Give a thirsty person something to drink, for example.'

See even now God is working in and through the small things. He wants us to get on board with His rescue mission, and this is how He wants us to do it; simply giving people what they need.

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