15 October 2013

"I AM with you"

"Om inte min fars Gud hade varit med mig-Abrahams Gud som också Isak fruktar - så hade du säkert låtit mig fara med tomma händer. Men Gud såg mitt lidande och min möda, och han fällde domen i natt." - Första Moseboken 31.42

I love what Jacob says to Laban:

"If God had not been with me....but God saw...and He judged." - Genesis 31.42

He begins with "If God had not been with me..." saying that His success was FULLY dependent on God's presence alone.

God being with us makes ALL the difference because God ALWAYS has the last word. The bible calls Jesus the 'author and finisher' of our faith (Hebrews 12.2). He started it and He decides how it finishes at the end and He assures us that we have already won with Him. He makes the difference. He fights our battles.

There's a song I love called 'Defender' by Chris McClarney, the lyrics to the chorus are;

"You're my defender,
I put my trust in you,
You are the open arms
My broken heart can run to.
And I remember,
That there is nothing you can't do,
'Cause you are God
And you are good
So I surrender,
You're my defender".

There is no need to fight a battle He has already won for us.

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