15 September 2011

Creating Space for God

I just listened to a talk by Stovall Weems on the Hillsong website, thought I'd leave you guys my notes. They aren't organised in any particular way, but I hope you are blessed by them :)

Creating Space for God – Stovall Weems
Moving forward in the purposes of God

Genesis 8
The raven went back and forth over the earth; it represents the flesh trying to get fulfilment that only God can bring. The temporal things can never bring you the satisfaction that God can bring. So Noah realises that the raven is unreliable and sends out the dove, which represents the Holy Spirit.

Noah reached out his hand for the dove, because he knew it would not force its way back into his life, but that he would have to get out there and make room for the dove to land. In the same way if we want God to ‘land’ in our lives, we have to make room for Him.

If you want God to bless a certain area of your life, you need to create space for Him to come into that aspect of your life, and He will do the work.

God is a filler by nature: ‘The earth was formless and empty…’ God filled it with GOOD things.

We are temples of the Holy Spirit, so that God can fill us. He won’t force His way in, but if we create space for Him, He will fill us.

Whatever God fills, He multiplies.

When God shows up the miraculous happens.

What Noah does:
1/ He lifts his hands out for the dove –SURRENDER>a daily practice
2/ He drew the dove into himself – BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT>the fruits of the spirit fill the void and eliminate the need for prayer
3/ He only sends out the dove – GET RID OF THE THINGS OF THE FLESH>only send out the dove, the Holy Spirit doesn’t need any help, leave room for Him.

The dove returns with an olive branch in its beak. Jesus is God’s olive branch. A fresh revelation of who Jesus is. It is all about Christ. He is ALL we need to move our lives forward.

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