20 September 2012

The Privilege of Prayer

If we were still living in the OT and saw Jesus' birth, death and resurrection with our own eyes I think we would be a whole lot more appreciative of what He did for us.

When Jesus died, the curtain separating the most holy place (where only the High Priests could go) from the rest of the temple was torn in two. He took away the need for a middle man in order for us to communicate with God and made it possible for us to have direct dialogue with God. To be able to simply open our mouths and talk to God is such a massive privilege, and definitely not one to be taken for granted.

I was having a really difficult time a few days ago, feeling stressed and worried, and to be able in that moment to take all my anxiety and stress to God was incredibly freeing.

To know that He was listening and that He cared, was such a blessing.

I have to add though, prayer is not a one way street. When Jesus died and the curtain was torn in two, it didn't just clear the way for us to speak to God, it meant God could communicate directly with us.

It's so important when we pray that we incorporate listening prayer too, so that God can speak to us, encourage us, challenge us and bless us with what He has to say.


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